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2023 PDX Executive Assembly Annual Retreat

The Allison Inn & Spa

2525 Allison Lane

Newberg, OR 97132


We're excited to have our cohort assemble for a retreat format experience in Oregon wine country. Our agenda will focus on strategy, leadership and group coaching facilitation.  






Join your cohort members for a special dinner at the Allison Inn. We'll enjoy an evening of great food, Oregon wine and connecting in a social setting prior to our content the following day. 


Monday, April 10th, Cohort Dinner 

5:45pm: Reception
6:30pm: Seated for Dinner

Tuesday, April 11th


7:45am-8:30am: Breakfast (Coppergold Ballroom)

8:30am: Radical Self Inquiry 101: Becoming Yourself is the Ultimate Act of Leadership


Facilitators: Joelle Maher, Executive in Residence & Dan Bruton, Director, Executive Assembly 

To become who we truly are takes understanding of where we came from and how all the ingredients that make up the soup of our life come together to create the person we are today. This includes inquiring into our dark shadows, too- pain, losses, fears. 


We'll take a look at our relationship to work, what it means to be on a journey of transformation, how the past and our shadow come to play in the present, and how the beauty of becoming who we are makes us better leaders for our community and the companies we lead.  



9:00am: Bridging the Divide: How Productive Conflict Can Boost Your Team's Performance


                          Facilitator: Kate Cockrill, Executive Coach


This workshop will explore the importance of engaging in productive conflict on high performing teams. While conflict is often viewed as negative, it can be a powerful tool for clarifying goals, improving team dynamics and achieving better results. We will discuss the characteristics of productive conflict and provide practical tips for engaging in it effectively in-person and on hybrid and remote teams. The session will cover: creating shared cultural norms, setting expectations for communication and conflict resolution, and leveraging shared information about individual working styles to improve trust and collaboration.  


10:30am: Break


10:45am: Shift Happens


                                                         Facilitators: Brian August, Chief Operating Officer, Oregon Humane Society, and                                                          Jamie Waltz, Former Director of Community Services for Multnomah County.



Shift happens in those quiet moments we make between the overwhelmed and overloaded. Finding space is the key to navigating transformations and seeing change as an opportunity to unlock creativity, imagination, and possibilities. 

In this session, Executive Assembly members Brian August and Jamie Waltz will discuss their own recent professional transitions. They will lead you through reflection and exercises designed to explore what is possible and help you unleash your inner child. 


12:15pm-1:15pm: Lunch (Coppergold Ballroom)



1:15pm: Content Reflection 


                             Facilitator: Nicole Kunz, Principal, Mercer Health & Benefits


We'll take time to reflect on the most impactful takeaways from the content thus far in the day. Nicole will pair each member up and have you take a walk around the grounds of the Allison Inn to discuss these takeaways and how you might implement them going forward. 


2:00pm: Rekindling a Sense of Community at Work for Increased Performance

                             Facilitator: Felicia Rivers, Director of Talent for Tillamook County Creamery Association                                                  



In this session facilitated by member Felicia Rivers, we'll explore how a strong sense of community at work leads to greater performance. We'll have a group discussion to learn how your organizations approach community building by creating mutual learning opportunities, plugging into the local community, and making rest & renewal a team effort. 



2:45pm: An Educational Wine Tasting Experience with Flâneur Wines


For our closing group activity, Flâneur Wine Club and District Sales Manager, Kellie Campbell will curate an educational wine tasting experience at the Allison Inn.



4:00pm: Adjourn 


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